Massively Transformative Purpose

What do you stand for? With a Massively Transformative Purpose, you capture your passions and your drive to create positive change. It has the ability to propel courageous and aspirational ideas into innovative programs, products, and businesses that make a difference in people’s lives. Everyone can highly benefit from having — and bravely following through on — a Massively Transformative Purpose.

Company OF Nomads creates change through community-driven initiatives. We create experiential places focused on incubating small businesses, self-transformation, and being accountable to the environment and our neighbors. Our MTP:  BE THE CHANGE.

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Ready to shoot for the moon? Elon Musk and SpaceX are literally shooting for the moon (and beyond). SpaceX is revolutionizing space technology by working on the next generation of space vehicles that are fully reusable. They want to reduce space costs and have the ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets.

One of Google’s companies, Calico, wants to help people live longer, healthier lives. Calico is doing that with a multidisciplinary team of scientists driven by a generosity of spirit, collaboration, and innovation — tackling aging with advanced technologies to understand what controls lifespan.

Moonshots are challenging initiatives that are expected to have great significance. Moonshots are inspirational, credible, and imaginative. Company OF Nomads is using the force of our MTP to launch our Moonshots — and we are seeking the convergence of creative minds, community-driven investors, and diverse business professionals to achieve breakthroughs that create opportunities and change lives. 

moonshot 1

Making small business big

moonshot 2

Builds each city's most sustainable market

moonshot 3

Put humans into peak performance

moonshot 4

Change food and health in institutions


“Making small business BIG.”

Anh Mai  |  Co-Founder



The Company OF Nomads is a talent and entrepreneurial incubator.  As market leaders creating trends that engage, excite, and empower —we lead diverse, large-scale projects that nourish innovation. Grown from a fertile foundation of ideas that promote connectivity, strength, and wellbeing, we exist to help communities thrive. 

Launched in 2017 to manage the various ventures of Lian Pham & Anh Mai, Company OF Nomads 

combines enthusiastic disruption and a globally-minded consciousness to drive opportunity and stimulate the economy of Houston and beyond.


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