The work of Company OF Nomads is guided by our Massively Transformative Purpose:


Our projects spring from a deep-seated passion to impact communities and the people that live, work, and play in them. We strive to improve quality of life organically — drawing upon the raw talent, creativity, and commitment of forward-thinking people that want to make the world a better place. We invigorate by fertilizing seeds of ideas and growing them into powerful infrastructure, programs, and services.  

Making Small Businesses Big

We love to support entrepreneurs. From chefs to sommeliers and farmers to makers, our projects provide platforms for success. Railway Heights, our biggest venture yet, offers opportunities for a rotation of more than 50 local beverage, food, and retail tenants at once. Bravery Chef Hall is an incubator of talent for chefs and other hospitality professionals.  Conservatory is the OG that started it all for food halls in Houston. We strive to Make Small Businesses Big through our multiple existing and upcoming projects and are looking forward to new adventures on the horizon. Stay tuned.

Building Each City’s Blueprint for a Sustainable Market and Ecosystem 

Creating sustainable spaces is a core value of Company OF Nomads. In Houston, Railway Heights serves as an example for cities across the state and the U.S. to BE THE CHANGE when it comes to sustainability.  

With strategic design, location analysis, and operations, cities can support the needs of communities and spur enthusiastic entrepreneurs while Building a Blueprint for a Sustainable Market and Ecosystem. Along with this comes a responsibility to be sensitive to environmentally-conscious business practices. Our blueprint includes addressing food waste and the importance of recycling.

Putting Humans into Peak Performance 

Work environments matter. With a truly healthy workplace, employees can reach Peak Performance. Company OF Nomads is passionate about improving health and removing physical and emotional barriers to productivity. Peak Space will capture the power of cutting-edge technology and work culture strategies to take away those stumbling blocks to ultra-productivity.  Biohacking and the best of design psychology are at the heart of our efforts as we bring optimal wellness in a state-of-the-art co-working space. 

Changing the Way We Eat

Access to healthy food is a critical issue for many cities and towns across the U.S. We not only stress the importance of healthy food choices in our current endeavors, Company OF Nomads is  invested in Changing the Way We Eat and has additional plans in the works. One of our future initiatives will be opening vertical farms in strategic places such as “food deserts” to improve access to nutrient-rich vegetables to those that need them. 

Changing Food and Health in Institutions

When we think about our MTP, BE THE CHANGE, we think BIG. Scalability is at the core of significant change. Company OF Nomads is currently developing a healthy food concept that will be scalable across institutions such as schools, hospitals, markets, and more that will be based on a membership model — utilizing blockchain technology, mobile communications, and strategic food sourcing. We are at the forefront of Changing Food and Health in Institutions.


“Small changes leads to big impact”


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